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still face experiment dr edward tronick
Still face experiment dr edward tronick

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    Still Face With Dads
    Children's Institute

    16 June 2016
    Developmental Sciences At Umass Boston
    UMass Boston

    12 March 2010
    Tronick's Still Face Paradigm
    Eric Levonian

    02 September 2012
    Disconnection And The Still Face Paradigm
    Suzanne Zeedyk

    24 June 2016
    Still Face Experiment
    Michelle Emanuel

    01 February 2018
    De Wonderjaren | Het Still Face Experiment

    21 April 2021
    Still Face Experiment With Dads
    Holly Bridges

    24 May 2019
    The Problem Of Disconnection: The Still Face Experiment
    Psychiatry & Psychotherapy

    09 July 2019
    Love Sense: From Infant To Adult (sue Johnson And Ed Tronick
    Dr. Sue Johnson

    04 February 2016
    The Still Face Experiment

    19 December 2010

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